KingFisher Vehicle Repair: The Best Auto Body Shop in London

We are not sure what’s more upsetting – the damage your car took or the astronomical cost of fixing it. And this KingFisher auto body shop in London is here to serve you, and save you from a costly nightmare. So stop by today and let us show you first-hand why we’ve been lauded as one of London’s finest auto body shops!

At KingFisher Vehicle, we understand how important it is to deliver the best car body repair. This means ensuring that your vehicle’s shape, fit and function match its original conditions before paint refinishing; this includes repairing dents as well! Our team at KFR are responsible for delivering high quality workmanship on time.

Car Body Repair involves:

  • Straightening chassis rails and frames.
  • Removing/re-welding panels.
  • Fixing dents and other repairs before painting.

The process should ensure that our vehicles’ shapes, fits & specifications match their original condition. At Kingfisher Vehicle Repair service centre – We always take pride in providing you with top notch repair services!

Car Body Repair Process

The first step in fixing a car is to figure out how much work needs doing and what the best method of repair would be.
Our team begins to take apart the car. They are looking for any damage that can’t be repaired, like if one of the components isn’t within specifications anymore or something is broken beyond repair. Large pieces might also need to be replaced depending on how badly they were damaged in an accident.
Once the panel beaters have repaired any damage to a vehicle, they will complete any additional disassembly and collect all parts that require paint refinishing.

At Kingfisher Vehicle Repair in London, we are equipped with the latest technology to repair your damaged cars. We have professional and trained technicians that will take care of you!

Choose #1 Car Body Repair Shop in London!

You just got into a car accident and want to know where you can get your vehicle fixed.
There are so many options for auto body repair in London that it’s hard to decide who should fix your car.
KingFisher Vehicle Repair is the best choice in London for commercial and personal vehicles because we have the most experienced technicians in town and over 15 years of experience fixing all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, & SUVs.
We offer free quotes with no obligations on our part when you call us today!